Enterprise Social Business Application Platform

Enterprise Social Business Application Platform

Manage people, projects, customers and documents with ease. Apps on Cloud provides businesses with necessary tools needed to run a business and/or teams efficiently and effectively.

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Employee Management

Keep your HR records organized and secure. Store employee profile information and see your company structure at a glance with automated org charts.

Account Management

Create accounts, organize your contacts, nurture your leads, and close more deals. Keep yourself updated with real time activity feeds on business contacts.

Project Management

Create projects and organize them by project stage, project status, and more. Integrated time sheet tracking also help keep your budgets in line.

Customer Support

Keep your Customers happy by providing them with online support portal where they can report issues. Easily integrate the support portal with your website.

Document Management

Manage content and collaborate with employees or customers on any type or size of a file. The files can be accessed from any location and any device.

Enterprise Social

Collaborate on nearly all aspects of your business; from sales leads and projects to customers and support cases.

Our apps resides on cloud

Our solution lives on cloud and is always on – accessible from anywhere* and at anytime.


* internet access required

All extras are included

All plans, including FREE plan comes with all available features, so your costs won’t go up with add-ons.

Our Interface is very simple

Our interface most intuitive and “pleasant” interface of any app of our kind. Now that’s just plain cool.

Your voice matters!

We won’t dictate how you should manage your projects and teams. We want your input and we will use it.